German WEEE Clearing House publishes new registers (2. Update)

As predefined by the new “ElektroG2” the German WEEE Clearing House has put online two additional registers as well as an update for the existing producer register, all available in German language only at the moment. The new registers are as follows:

  • Collection and take-back points (communities and resellers) in Germany,
  • Operators of WEEE treatment facilities.

Both registers are currently still empty. Above all, the register of take-back points has been much anticipated by consumers to find the nearest option for the return of their WEEE.

The existing producer register has been amended by the date of a potential withdrawal of the WEEE registration, i.e. similar to the German batteries producer register the German WEEE register now also contains all historical registrations of producers which left ther German market. (After randomly checking several of our older producers which have been withdrawing their registration in the past the historical producers still seem to be missing, i.e. it remains to be seen, if they’ll still be added, of if the information will only be added for withdrawals from today on). That would resolve a specific problem for resellers resulting on the effect of the so-called producer fiction: In the past, resellers couldn’t prove anymore that a supplier was registered at the time of the putting on the market of the delivered goods, if he has been leaving the market afterwards. That resulted in the risk of receiving legal complaints by competitors. From now on, it’ll be easier to provide evidence that goods at the reseller were correctly registered at the time of their putting on the market. However, risk of complaints remains in a way. Please contact us, if you need a solution for this problem.

1. Update: Both new registers are currently slowly being populated with data. However, the register of collection points doesn’t seem to be filled with the existing data of the known public waste management organizations.

2. Update: Obviously, the producer registry only contains withdrawn registration from 2012 on, maybe because earlier withdrawals haven’t been archived?