European Parliament accepts WEEE2 in 2nd reading

As planned, the technical, legal, and administrative impact of the current WEEE Directive has been evaluated 5 years after it went into force to plan potential amendments and modifications. Some 3 years later, in February 2011, the EU parliament voted on the first proposal of WEEE2 during First Reading. The draft was rejected, together with several proposals for changes.

About one year later, on 19 January 2012, the European Parliament accepts the revised proposal, after discussion with the Council.

The most important modifications are as follows:

  • Open scope: In the future, all electronical and electric equipment will be under the scope of WEEE, if no exception can be applied.
  • Less product categories: There will only be 6 instead of 10 WEEE product categories
  • Higher collection rates: In 2 steps, the European member states have to collect more WEEE
  • New registration obligation for PV modules and B2C luminaires
  • Take-back obligation for the retail market: Resellers will have to take back and recover old equipment
  • Representative: Producers may determine an authorized representative in those EU countries where they don’t have an own registered office