ElektroG2: Important changes to the financial guarantee

For so-called B2C equipment a financial guarantee for the case of insolvency has to be provided by the producer during the registraion, and afterwards on an annual basis. This safety deposit should cover the recovery of any old equipment which is still on the market. As part of the recast of the “Elektrogesetz”, several modifications are under discussion:

  • No trustee needs to be appointed anymore. The trustee should manage the release of the necessary funds to perform remaining take-back obligations for the producer.
  • The general period for allĀ guarantees (and thus also B2C-registrations) should be the calendar year.
  • Further requirements are evaluated, e.g. the credit rating of producers as well as the financial strength of guarantee systems.
  • The definition of the “guarantee event” may be redefined. Currently, this event can factually hardly occur.