“ElektroG2”: EU Commission takes Germany to the EU Court of Justice

As already announced in 2014, the EU Commission has referred Germany to the EU Court of Justice as part of an infringement procedure regarding the new “ElektroG2”. A fine of EUR 210,078 (over EUR 6 Mio./month) was proposed for each further day of delayed implementation of the new legislation. The deadline for the national transposition of the new law has expired on 14 February 2014. Germany is still in the parliamentary procedures. After the first reading in May, the next step is the feedback of the Environment Committee of the Federal Government. The new “Elektrogesetz” is not expected before winter 2015/2016.

The Commission has also filed charges against Poland and Slovenia end of April for the same reasons, with a grace period of 2 months. Fines of EUR 71,610 (Poland) and EUR 8,408,40 (Slovenia) where proposed.